Toppik Brow Building Fiber Set, Light Brown, 1 Ea

ToppikSKU: 667820024021

$14.32 $20


What it is: the toppik brow building fibers set makes even the thinnest eyebrows instantly thick, full and natural-looking. Brow building fibers last longer than eyebrow powder and look more natural than eyebrow pencils or gels. This 3-piece kit includes a brow wax to shape eyebrows, brow building fibers and a custom dual-end brush for wax and fibers application, making this the best eyebrow makeup for full, natural-looking brows. What it does: learn how to shape eyebrows correctly with this 3-piece eyebrow kit. The toppik brow building fibers set has 3 key components that make this groundbreaking brow set unique.. Brow conditioning wax sets and defines the shape of your natural brows. Brow building fibers adhere to brows, fill in patchiness, and give brows long-lasting thickness and color. The dual-end brush ensures simple and precise application. Product is made out of keratin fibers.

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