Ardell Duralash Flare Lashes - Regular Medium Black

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achieve a salon-style look with the ardell individual regular medium lashes in black. These individual lashes extend the length of your natural lashes flawlessly. Gradually build up a soft, subtle volume or focus on adding length; the choice is yours!

any desired look can be created with these high quality, lightweight lashes - giving you the freedom to customise your eyes and accentuate them according to your own personal preference. The medium length is versatile and suitable for all eye shapes and sizes, resulting in a stunning finish that isn't too long or short.

  • create your own look
  • salon style results
  • lightweight and comfortable to wear

contains 56 individual lashes

style type : natural/invididual

recommendedeye shape:small, large, round, almond, deep set

eye shapes round small large deep set almond how to use

thoroughly clean your eyelashes and eyelids so they are make-up and oil free.

  • pour a few drops of lashtite adhesive on a piece of foil.

  • gently lift a duralash from tray with tweezers.

  • dip end into adhesive.

  • starting at the center of the eyelid, apply lashes one at a time by placing the lash cluster on top of one of your own natural lashes with the end close to, but not touching your eyelid. Support lash gently with fingertips until adhesive sets. Work towards the outer corner. Return to center and gradually work inward until lashes blend.

  • apply 10-15 lashes per eye.

    duralashes should be replaced as your natural lashes shed. (About 4 to 5 weeks)

    care and cleaning:

    cleanse lashes with cool water. Oil-based cleansers soften adhesive. Be gentle. Don't rub or towel dry your eyes. Allow your lashes to air dry. Like natural lashes, duralashes will singe. Avoid open flame or direct heat.


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