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(1) Fast Repair Kit
(1) K Recovery 650mL
(2) Infusion 650mL
(2) Bidimensional Shampoo 1L
(1) Clarifying Shampoo 1L
(1) No Metal Equalizer Shampoo 1L
(1) Fluid Deep Reconstruction 650mL
(1) Curly Twist 650mL
(1) High Liss 650mL
(1) High Liss Blond 650mL
(1) 8x Powder 200g
(2) Blanc Blond Lightening Powder 500g
(2) Air Libre Bleaching Powder 500g
(2) Scrub Therapy 200mL
(2) Infusion Shampoo 300mL
(2) Infusion Conditioner 300mL
(2) Miracle Shampoo 300mL
(2) Miracle Conditioner 300mL
(2) Miracle Summer Shampoo 300mL
(2) Miracle Summer Conditioner 300mL
(2) Blond Shampoo 300mL
(2) Blond Conditioner 300mL
(2) Ultra Hydration Shampoo 300mL
(2) Ultra Hydration Conditioner 300mL
(2) Ultra Hydration Plus Shampoo 300mL
(2) Ultra Hydration Plus Conditioner 300mL
(2) Perfect Shampoo 300mL
(2) Perfect Conditioner 300mL
(2) Curly Shampoo 300mL
(2) Curly Conditioner 300mL
(2) Equilibrium Shampoo 300mL
(2) Equilibrium Conditioner 300mL
(2) Therapy Shampoo 300mL
(2) Net Mask 550g

Receive Free:
(1) Therapy Shampoo 1L
(2) Amino 225mL
(2) Deluxe Prime 8.79oz.
(2) Deluxe Prime Champagne Blond 8.79oz.
(2) Deluxe Prime Summer 8.79oz.
(2) Beach Waves 8.79oz.
(2) Specific Mask 180g
(2) Blond Mask 180g
(2) Miracle Mask 180g
(2) Perfect Mask 180g
(2) Night Spa 250mL
(2) Hair Protector 250mL
(2) Instant Repair 45mL
(2) Volumizing Styling Powder 10g

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