Spornette Large Super Looper

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Spornettes super looper large wig brush is a unique and highly functional tool for maintaining, styling and detangling wigs, extensions, hair pieces, weaves and toupees. This brush has looped nylon bristle that have no tipe to ensure gentle brushing and no snagging. Every hair on a a wig and in an extension is valuable and does not grow back. Give your high dollar hair pieces a break from damage and stress by using this brush daily to prevent the tangles & knots that can instantly ruin a wig or extension.

the cushioned body of the super looper brush from spornette also help to ensure there is no added damage happens to the hair or scalp. The soft padded base gives with pressure to help prevent breakage and split ends on both synthetic and natural hair hair pieces, wigs and extensions.

spornette styling brushes have graced the hands of hair stylist since the 1950s. Hair styling has come a long way and spornette is proud to have led the professional brush industry. Spornette knows high quality brushes, that out-perform are essential to professional stylists. We remain on the cutting edge of technology and continue to create new, innovative and inspiring brushes for our stylists. And more importantly, it means keeping the world happy and styled beautifully.

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