Spornette Big Wonder Brush

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With its extended handle and larger size, the spornette big wonder brush can take flat hair to incredible new heights. When you want big, voluminous, bombshell hairstyles, nothing works better than this combination bristle and pick comb teasing brush. It’s the perfect tool for creating root volume, big ponytails, full up-dos and finishing iron sets or roller sets.

less damaging and less likely to pull or tangle your hair, spornette’s larger-than-average teasing brush with high-quality boar bristles is excellent for hair health. The bristles condition hair and add shine, distributing natural oils from the scalp throughout the hair and keeping hair looking fresher longer.

the bigger brush size gets the job done, styling larger sections of hair at a time, while the pick comb end is an added tool that helps define layers or bangs, create parts, separate hair and add finishing touches. The spornette big wonder works well with curly hair by gently detangling and providing a shiny, smooth finish.

for best results, use your big wonder teasing brush on dry hair. To build body, section hair and pull it tight and away from your head. Backcomb hair toward the scalp to create volume.

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