Nail Supplements: Qtica Solid Gold Cuticle Oil Gel - Size : 0.50 Oz

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Qtica solid gold cuticle oil gel therapeutic cuticle oil in solid gel form for mess free sanitary conditioning of cuticles. Apply it as a gel and feel it melt into a super oil that soothes penetrates and nourishes. This revolutionary patented compound delivers a unique 12-oil blend in a solid mess-free formula until it touches the hand. The great-smelling great-feeling oil brings nails to a high-shine buff in seconds and protects against fungus and bacteria with tea tree and citrus oils. New tube and package design are perfectly portable too. So make your cuticles happy and say good bye to messy greasy and unsanitary cuticle oils forever and say hello to qtica solid gold. Professional use: squeeze a pin-head size amount onto cuticle area and lightly massage until absorbed. Use as a cuticle moisturizer for pushing cuticles or as a sanitary alternative to messy cuticle oils that apply with a brush. Safe on natural nails and nail enhancements. Home use: apply daily for maximum moisturizing and pair with overnight intense cuticle repair balm for best results.

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