Bodyography Mineral Body Gloss Bronze

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Give your whole body a professional look and feel with another high quality product from bodyography oxyplex. Oxyplex is bodyographys way of giving women a healthy, natural mineral based beauty product line that not only feels light, looks great and breathes for all-day wear, but feeds the skin with moisture, nutrients, vitamins and anti-aging properties. This mineral body gloss is by far the healthiest way to enhance your skin with a sun-kissed radiant look that lasts, looks great and has a subtle reflective shimmer to help hide imperfections. The formula within moisturises and contains vitamins a, c & e to feed your skin essential daily nutrients, as well as anti-aging properties. With its silky-smooth texture it is very easy to apply and goes on evenly so you can layer for your desired tone. With all these benefits it is easy to see why this oxygen-infused treat for the skin belongs to such a competition-surpassing product range! Size: 6oz/180ml.

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