Tangle Angel Pink Detangling Brush

Tangel AngelSKU: 5060236420510



Change the way you brush your hair with the Tangle Angel Detangling Angel Hair Brush Pink. This item is innovative, professional and unique in design. This Tangle Angel hairbrush is ideal for gently detangling both wet and dry hair. It can be used on an array of hair textures and styles including extensions as well as children's hair. The unit has a wide ergonomic shape that allows for quick and easy brushing. This professional detangling hairbrush also has a contoured base that retains full bristle height even after use. It's 99.9% effective at reducing the growth of bacteria. The bristles feature antibacterial Biomaster protection. They're also heat resistant and will retain their shape when introduced to high temperatures. Their anti-static properties will prevent flyaway hair. It's ideal for use in and out of the shower, at home or on the go. The Tangle Angel Detangling Angel Hair Brush Pink will make a useful addition to the rest of your hair care products.

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