Klorane Conditioning Balmw/Flax Fiber

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Klorane conditioner with flax fibres helps preserve volume and bounce. This light conditioner instantly detangles hair while adding body and volume to hair from the roots to the ends. Perfectly protected and textured, hair will have long-lasting volume that is light and supple.94%* Noticed extra volume. *User test on 33 women – 2 weeks use of klorane shampoo with flax fibres – percentage of satisfaction.The planta light and delicate plant, flax is traditionally recognised for its supple and resistant fibres. We selected linum usitatissimum l., For its rich mucilage: true natural reinforcement that strengthens and volumises hair from the roots. We harvest it from our own fields according to organic agriculture standards.How to use: after shampooing with klorane shampoo with flax fibres, rinse and remove excess water then apply conditioner. Leave for 2-3 minutes, then rinse out.Biodegradable formula - dermatologically tested

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